Yellow color is an ultimate summer hue! It’s bold, engaging and makes us think of bright flowers like daisies and irises. However, with all that in mind, many people find yellow intimidating, unflattering and prefer to stay away from it. Like with all saturated colors, the secret is to chose the right shade for your color type as well as to know how to balance the sunny hue with other colors.
If you are a warm color type Spring or Autumn your best choice is warm-toned yellow like gold, honey or mustard. If you are a cold color type Summer or Winter opt for yellow with a cool-undertone from pale yellow to lemon. Whether it’s accessories, shoes or clothing keep the shapes simple and clean to let the color speak for itself. Additional, by popping the look with yellow it keeps it lively and can add just the right kick to your appeal. Today, I’ve rounded up the best trendy ways to wear yellow to get you inspired for summer!

1. Yellow + Grey

If you are going to wear yellow, but want to play it safe, yellow  + grey is a good place to start. Cool, neutral grey will harmonize yellow while the contrast will add an eye-catching effect.

2. Yellow + Denim 

This cheerful combination works so beautifully. Classic blue will look great with any shade of yellow. Think canary yellow top with jeans, mellow yellow skirt with a denim shirt or lemon yellow shirt with shorts.

3. Yellow + Brown

To gain extra points this summer pair yellow with brown or dusty green for an ultimate 70’s palette. Think floaty dress + brown leather belt + necklace.

4. Yellow + Coral

This color combination can create modern, ladylike look. Opt for soft shades of yellow to compliment warm-toned coral.

5. Yellow as an accessory

If you are not too keen on going all yellow yet, a great way to incorporate this sunny color in your wardrobe is with accessories. Yellow looks awesome as an accessory with pretty much every color from  purple, burgundy, green to turquoise, pale blue, pink. Think a statement necklace, a handbag, shoes or a happy yellow scarf.


Photos: Courtesy of UK/Popsugar