Autumn has arrived and with it the new fashion season, but before you go ahead and invest in a few new dresses, make sure your wardrobe can take them. We all have been in a situation when we look at our overly stuffed closet and the thought “ I have nothing to wear” runs through our mind. More often than we would like to admit, we justify keeping pieces we longer need. We keep the same dress in hope that one day we will lose weight and fit in, but it keeps hanging there for years taking up space in the closet. It’s time to get real with our overpacked closets and finally make room for all the things on our autumn wish list. After all, as stylists like to say, clean closet – clean head! However to understand what to keep, repair, sell or donate isn’t an easy task. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Today I will share tips on how to detox your own closet, reorganize existing clothing and prepare your wardrobe for the new season!

First step? Go through your entire dresser and ask yourself the following questions:

1. Have I worn this in the last 12 months?
2. Does it fit me properly?
3. Is it likely I will ever wear this again?
4. Do I feel confident when I wear this?
5. Does this item still accurately represent my style?
6. Is the item damaged in any way ( rips, stains, missing buttons, broken zippers, fading, etc.)?
7. Does this color flatter my skin complexion (e.g., you skin becomes radiant and fresh when you wear it)?

Now make three piles as you go through it.
The first pile is a “keep” pile. Here you will put clothing that fit your properly, flatter your body, compliment your style and are in good condition.
The second pile is “repair” pile. Here you will place items that may need a little makeover. It can be reworking the buttons on the blazer, tailor a pair of trousers or a dress.
The last pile is the “donate” pile. Items in this pile have received the most NO’s from the questions above. They either old, don’t fit you properly or no longer represent who you are so it’s time to say Au revoir. Consider donating unwanted items that are still in good condition to those who might use them.

I know you may feel a little tired, overwhelmed and even stressed by now. Try not to let those piles to put you off and give up. The hard part is already behind, now we onto a fun part organizing your beautiful clothing into categories so you can spend less time to get dressed in the morning.

Organize items that you decided to keep by the type of garment (e.g., dresses with dresses, trousers with trousers, skirts with skirts). Then sort out things by colour from light to dark – it will help you put outfits together quickly. Don’t forget about the hangers, a set of similar hanger (same height/width) will create a sense of order and make clothing look neater in the closet. Also, a good practice is to divide all clothing according to the season, for example for autumn/winter period put light summer dresses and tunics on the shelf above or in a separate drawer, only having the items that are relevant for the current season will make a dressing process easy and enjoyable.

Congratulations! You’ve done the hard work! Having tossed the unwanted items and successfully reorganizing your closet, now you will have a smaller yet neater wardrobe full of flattering clothing. Don’t worry, if during the clean out you identify a few missing bits. Make a list of the items you feel you need. Perhaps you are missing some basic separates such as t-shirts, a well fitted shirt or a great pair of jeans or a dressy pair of trousers that would go with all those lovely tops that you already have. Set yourself a budget and tackle the priorities first. How about that sleek blazer you saw last week?

If you want to clean your wardrobe from old, unwanted clothing but simply don’t have time or strength to do it yourself, I will do it for you! Treat yourself and your closet for a little make over with a personal stylist.